Below are all the sizes of gas that we can supply and also some gas equipment such as regulators and Lpg hoses. If what you are looking for is not here please call to enquire as we still may be able to order it for you from our National suppliers.

For an accurate quote on the latest prices please give us a call.

Gas Cylinders

47 Kg Refill Propane

19 Kg Refill Propane

18 Kg Refill Propane

12.7 Kg Refill Propane

6 Kg Refill Propne

3.9 Kg Refill Propne

11 Kg Refill Leisure Gas

6 Kg Leisure Gas

10 Kg Gaslight Cylinder

5 Kg Gaslight Cylinder

13 Kg Refill Butane 21mm

13 Kg Refill Butane 20mm

7 Kg Refill Butane 21mm

7 Kg Refill Butane 20mm

4.5 Kg Refill Butane

4.5 Kg Refill Butane 20mm